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Import Students

How to import a Student roster

Click Users on the dashboard.

In the Users section, click Individuals

In the Individuals section, click Import Students.


Click Select File to import an Excel or .csv file from your document library. A link to a sample Excel file is located below the Select File button. If you want to put these students directly into a class, select the class name first.


The sample file will have the following fields available. First Name, Last Name, User Name, and Password are required fields; other fields are optional.


A “Saving students, please wait” message will appear on the screen. Student names will automatically populate in your list of students. If you selected a specific class, the students you uploaded will also be available there.


If there is an issue saving on of the students, a message will be shown with the student name and reason the student cannot be added.


Click on the pencil (edit) icon to make the necessary change(s).


Once you have made the change(s) click the to save these changes or the to delete this student.