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The Messages feature allows the teacher to communicate with a student or students via Synergy email. Students will have the ability to initiate contact with the teacher or respond to a teacher email, but students will not be able to communicate with other students or individuals outside of the Synergy system. Additionally, Pitsco Admin can send messages to all users. This communication is used to inform users of system updates, new features, and general news.

Note: Pitsco Admin messages will not be sent out to student account levels.

How to create a message

On the Faculty dashboard, click Tools.

In the Tools section, click Messages.

In the Messages section, click the task you would like to complete. In this example, Send a Message was clicked.

Complete all fields noted by a red asterisk.

The message formatting can be adjusted using the toolbar at the top of the message.

Note: A message can be sent to an individual or an entire class from the Select Class/Individual drop-down menu.

Select the This message is an Alert check box if you would like the student to receive an immediate notification of the message.

Click send if you are satisfied with the message or cancel if you would like to exit the message.