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Grade Book

To access the Grade Book, click Grade Book in the Reports section.

Select the class grade book you want to view from the Select Class drop-down menu.

To create a new grading period, type a name in the Grade Period Name field, enter a start date and an end date, and click Save Period.

To see the Overall Grade Book, double-click Overall.

Scroll down to see more students. Scroll right to see more assignments.

To see grade details for a specific student and a specific assignment, double-click the cell of the assignment grade. To manually enter a grade, click within a field and type a score. Click Save to save the changes.

To export all grade details as a .csv file, click the Export as csv button. This feature will allow you to format the .csv file as necessary in order to import into your school grading system.

IPL grade details example:

Module grade details example:

Performance Assessments 

To assign max points for Performance Assessments (Modules only) in the Grade Book, double-click the Module rotation at the top of the column in the Overall Grade Book.

In the Max Points box, select all or specific Performance Assessments that need to be assigned grades.

A consistent number of points can be assigned by entering a number in the Assign Points box and clicking the Assign Points button. Maximum points can be assigned by clicking the Assign Maximum Points button. Manual point adjustments can be made by highlighting the number in the individual Performance Assessment point box and entering the correct number of points. Save.

Note: If Synergy has captured a score, there will be a number in the field. If the assignment was not completed or grades were not manually entered, the field will remain blank. To calculate a score of 0 for missing work, you must enter a 0 in the field.