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IPL Progress Summary

To view the IPL Progress Summary report, click IPL Progress Summary in the Questions & Answers section.

Select the class from the Class drop-down menu and then select the schedule from the Schedule drop-down menu. Check whether or not you want to include IPLs that have not been visited. Click View Report.

The IPL Progress Summary report will appear. The report type, class name, schedule name, and teacher name appear at the top of the report. The date the report was generated and the page number of the report appear at the bottom of the report.

The student name is listed in bold with the IPL unit title listed beneath the name. The report indicates whether a student mastered the lesson in the Diagnostic Assessment, Mastery Test 1, or Mastery Test 2 and provides the date mastery was achieved.

Note: This report can be generated only for classes that have IPLs assigned.