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Science Schedule

Note: Pitsco Science is broken into five stages and requires a unique scheduling scenario in which Modules are grouped into dyads or triads. Stage activities occur after every two or three Module rotations. The Science Schedule is used for this design only.

To access the Science Schedule reports, click Science Schedule in the Classroom Management reports section.

The Master Class Schedule report displays an entire class schedule including all students, Modules, stages, and due dates. Select the class, select the type of schedule that was created (dyad or triad), and click View Report.

The Stage Schedule report breaks down the schedule by stages. Select the class, the type of schedule that was created, and the stage you would like to view and then click View Report.

The Individual Student Schedule report shows the assigned science schedule for a selected student. Select the class, the type of schedule, and the student. Check if you would like the student name and/or user name and password to appear in the report. Click View Report.