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Resetting an Inline Assessment Score

Resetting an Inline Assessment Score


From the Dashboard, click “Class”. Select the class you wish to work with.


Click “Grade Book."


Click the Overall section. When the Overall section is selected, the Gradebook will expand to Grade Details.


Click the grade you wish to reset.

In the “Points Earned” field, delete the grade completely. Click “Save”.

NOTE: In order for the student to be able to re-take the assessment, the “Points Earned” field must be blank or null. Synergy ITC recognizes “0” as a grade value, and will not allow the student to retake the assessment.

Answer Key

From the dashboard, click “Reports”, then click “Answer Key”.

Select the Assessment you wish to view, then click “View Report”. Synergy ITC will generate a printable answer key for you.

NOTE: Synergy ITC randomizes all of its printed assessments; therefore, the Answer Key is randomized as well.

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