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Synergy ITC provides the ability to create custom activities to place in a schedule. To create a custom activity, click Library, then Activities, and then New Activity.

The New Activity field opens. Fill in the fields as desired. To upload an image, click Upload. After all fields are completed, click Create Activity.

The new activity will appear in the Activities menu.

To view, edit, delete, or assign the newly created activity, click the appropriate button.

To assign the activity to a class, click Assign Activity. From the Assign Activity menu, click Assign this activity.

Set both the Start and End dates for the assignment length of time. This date range would correspond to the Rotation Schedule dates. Select the class name from the Class drop-down menu. After the class is selected, the available students in that class will appear. You can add individual students. To add all students, select add all students (below the list of available students). Click Assign Activity.

A list of students to whom the activity has been assigned appears. Click the trash can icon to remove the assignment from any student.


Learn how this teacher created assignment (Custom Content) can become a part of a Module Rotation Schedule.