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Individualized Prescriptive Lessons™ (IPLs™) provide mastery-based mathematical learning opportunities in the context of a relevant storyline. Lessons include instructional text, audio, graphical interactions, and assessments.

IPLs are categorized into Units. To view the list of IPLs within a Unit, click Unit and filter by typing the Unit you would like to view and selecting that Unit.

Click View to see the IPLs within the Unit you have selected. (Note: You cannot preview Lessons in the Units category.)

To preview the Lessons, click Lessons. Type the title of the Lesson you wish to view. Select the Lesson or the Unit.

When you select the Unit from the filtered list, you will see all the Lessons within that Unit. Select a Lesson, and then click View to view the content.

Note: It is not possible to skip through slides and preview content without listening to the entire audio clip.