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Robo-Review Game

In Session 6 of each Module, students review for the Post Test in a game format. Robo-Review can be accessed through the Library section by clicking Modules.


Clicking  opens the Robo-Review home screen in a new window. Accessing Robo-Review this way allows you to select a specific Module.



To view how students will experience Robo-Review, select a Module. Click View. Click Session 6 .


In the right navigation pane, you will see Session 6 and Robo-Review below it. Click this to launch the Robo-Review game for the Module you have selected.


Students may play the review game by themselves or with a partner at the same workstation. Because the game is online and browser based, students may also play at home. The Bloop! and Critter Cross test review games cannot be played at home.

The questions asked are designed to review a specific Pitsco Module. Remember, though, players who have not been through the Module might have a tough time answering correctly.

Robo-Review game play should be familiar to all ages. Players select one of four characters, roll virtual dice, and move around the spaces of the virtual board. Each space on the board has a random effect and a question.

When a player lands on a space, he or she will be asked a question. If the question is answered correctly, the player receives the reward of that space. The reward might be moving twice on the next roll, to receiving extra points, or gaining some other positive effect. If the question is answered incorrectly, the player receives the penalty of that space. The penalty might be losing points, having one less die to roll, or the worst penalty – being attacked by a virus and then forced to go to the Scrap Yard! The game is over when one player collects 5,000 points and crosses the finish line.