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Extend Content

The Extend Content feature enables you to add customized instruction, helpful hints, or supplemental information to any page of a Module session. It’s important to note that this feature does not enable you to change the existing Pitsco content.

How to extend content

Click Library.

Click the category of content you want to extend.

(Note: At this time, you can only extend content for Modules, Math Modules, and Quests)

Select the title you want to extend.

Click Extend.

To create the extended content, click Extend.

Name the extended content and click Save.

Your Extend Content record is created. Notice there are four associated actions you can take with each record.

  • Rename: enables the user to rename the Extend Content record
  • Copy: enables the user to copy or duplicate the Extend Content record and then modify the copy for various class differences
  • Delete: completely removes the Extend Content record; cannot be undone
  • Edit: enables the user to add or edit Extend Content comments

Click Edit.

After the content loads, open the Direct Navigation panel and click the desired Session.

Click the session page you want to extend.

Click Extend page at the bottom of the Extend Content panel on the left side of the screen.

This will activate the text field. At this point, you can enter customized instruction, helpful hints, or supplemental information. Pitsco suggests you start each Extend Content comment with a consistent prompt. Examples include but are not limited to:

  • DO THIS: when the instruction requires the student to do something
  • DID YOU KNOW?: supplemental information you want the students to learn or be aware of
  • CONNECTION: when the content makes a learning connection to a concept taught in another subject

The following is an example.

Note: A comment must be previewed in order for it to save.

A hyperlink can also be added to enhance the Extend Content comment. To add a hyperlink, click Create hyperlink.

Type a title for the link; this is what the students click. Enter the web address. Click Save.

When the students click the hyperlink, a new browser tab or window will open to the website. Click Preview to test the newly created hyperlink.

Note: The hyperlink can open any item that has a web address. The teacher could create his or her own supporting media (graphics, pictures, videos, audio, text, and so on) and place that on the web. If the media item has a web address, that can be used for the URL text field.

How to deploy the extended content to an existing schedule

Click Class.

Select the class to which you want to assign the Extend Content comments.

Select View/Edit Schedule.

Click the pencil icon associated with the schedule you want to add extend content to.

(Note: A schedule must be created before you can add the Extend Content comments.)

Scroll to the Extend content section of the Edit this schedule window. Select the Extend Content comment you want to deploy to this class. Click View Schedule.

Click Save at the bottom of the schedule form. This will activate the Extend Content comments so your students can see them.