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Missions-Creating A Class

From the Dashboard, click "Class", then click "New Class".


Fill in all of the fields in the New Class Wizard. 

*Make sure that the Class name is unique

*Schedule type refers to the length of the class period. 


When you are finished, click "Next Step".

Using the arrow keys, move the students who will be in the class from the "Students Available" column to the "Students in your Class" column.  

Click "Next Step".

Click "Add New Schedule"

*Enter Start Date*

*Select Schedule Type-Mission Schedule*

*Rotation length refers to the number of class days a rotation will last.

*We recommend leaving the number of rotations at 1, due to class turnover and changing schedules. 

Scroll to the bottom of the page, and click "Next".


Click "Generate".


*You can move students to another Mission at this step**

Click "Save"