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Extend Content

The Extend Content feature enables you to add customized instruction, helpful hints, or supplemental information to any page of a Module session. It’s important to note that this feature does not enable you to change the existing Pitsco content.

How to extend content

Click Library.

Click the category of content you want to extend.

(Note: At this time, you can only extend content for Modules, Math Modules, and Quests)

Select the title you want to extend.

Click Extend.

To create the extended content, click Extend.

Name the extended content and click Save.

Your Extend Content record is created. Notice there are four associated actions you can take with each record.

  • Rename: enables the user to rename the Extend Content record
  • Copy: enables the user to copy or duplicate the Extend Content record and then modify the copy for various class differences
  • Delete: completely removes the Extend Content record; cannot be undone
  • Edit: enables the user to add or edit Extend Content comments


Click Edit.

After the content loads, open the Direct Navigation panel and click the desired Session.