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Synergy ITC FAQs


How do I assign Orientation?


New Student

How do I add a new student to an existing rotational Module schedule?

How do I add a new student to an existing IPL schedule?



I want attendance to count as part of the grade. How do I make that a scored item?

A student needs to move to a different section of my class. How do I move his or her grades? 

Can I import Synergy ITC grades directly into my school grade book? 



Where do I find a report of a Module rotational schedule showing all students, all Modules, and all rotations?

When I run one of my saved Grade Book reports, I do not see the rotation just completed.



How do I add a Module to an existing Schedule? 

How do I add a Rotation to an existing Schedule?

How do I add Teacher Created Activities to a Rotational Schedule?

How do I adjust the dates for an existing Schedule rotation?


Student Experience

When I delete Extend Content, the comments are still visible on students' computers. How do I remove Extend Content from their computers?

The assignments I scheduled do not show in my students' Assignments window.



How do I access 3rd party software when it launches behind the Module screen?

The preview mode for IPLs is not allowing me to move through the slides unless previously viewed. How do I correct this?


What is the preferred browser for ITC?

Is ITC Mac friendly?

Why are my videos stuttering or my ITC connection dropping?

Is any special software needed to access ITC from home?