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Click Library to preview available content. In the Library section, you can create a custom activity to include in a schedule. Learn more about features available in the Library section.


Click Users to view available users within your account. Click Individuals to see a list of students and to import students.


Click Reports to view categories of reports. Learn more about each type of report available in the Reports section.


Synergy ITC has a variety of tools to help classify and organize information and communicate with users within your license.


Click Assessment to add questions to the question bank and create assessments using questions from the question bank. If purchased, Common Core math questions are available in the question bank for all IPLs. After a new assessment is created, it will be available in the Assessment section to view, print, and/or assign.


Click Class to create and manage a new class. Details from existing classes are managed within the Class section. Archive classes to keep them active, but take them off of your dashboard.