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Scheduling an IPL Series

From the Add Schedules menu, you can add a new schedule or edit an existing schedule.

To edit a schedule, click the pencil icon next to it. To add a new schedule, click Add a new schedule.

In the Add a new schedule area, complete all required fields, which are noted by a red asterisk. Because more than one schedule can be attached to a class, provide a specific schedule name. The start date should reflect the actual first day that students should be able to view content. Additional fields will appear as selections are made from the drop-down menus.

Select a license from the Select license drop-down menu. Select a schedule type from the Select a schedule type drop-down menu. Select IPL Series.

If a previous IPL schedule was created, that same schedule can be used for multiple classes by selecting it on the Select schedule template drop-down menu.

From the Units available field, select all units that should be on the class schedule by clicking the arrow to the right of the IPL unit name or by dragging the unit from the Units available field to the Units in your schedule field. Type in the Search field to quickly locate an IPL unit. Drag the units to different positions in the Units in your schedule field.

Click Orderipl. In the Organize your IPLs area, you can click the up and down arrows in the Tools column to rearrange the order of lessons within a unit.

Clear the check box in the Tools column to remove a lesson from the schedule.

Type a new value in the field in the Grade column to change the grade percentage value.

Clear the check box in the Grade column to exclude the lesson from a student's grade.

Math Connections (formerly CGAs) are automatically scheduled beneath the last lesson in the unit. You can exclude the Math Connection from the grade book by deselecting the check box next to the grade value. Deselect the check box next to the arrows to remove the Math Connection from the schedule.
Note: Math Connections are not delivered through Synergy ITC.

The finished schedule will show each of the units and lessons selected and all students scheduled. When a student begins an IPL, the status will change from Not Started when the schedule is viewed.