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Scheduling a Whole Class Assignment

Within the Add Schedules menu, a new schedule can be created or an existing schedule can be edited.

To edit a schedule, locate the schedule you want to change and click the pencil icon. To add a new schedule, click Add a new schedule. All fields shown in the following information for Add a new schedule can be modified.

Complete all required fields in the Add a new schedule section as noted by a red asterisk. Because more than one schedule can be attached to a class, it is good to provide a specific schedule name. The start date should reflect the actual first day that students should be able to view content. Additional fields will appear as selections are made from the drop-down menus in the section.

The steps below will demonstrate how to assign Orientation as a whole-class assignment.

When adding a new schedule, select Whole Class Assignment from the Select schedule type drop-down menu.

From the Select module type drop-down menu, select Module.

From the Select module drop-down menu, select Orientation.

Modifications can be made to point values by highlighting the points noted in the field and changing the value. Any Graded check box may be deselected for exclusion from the grade total.

Note: Deselect the Attendance Graded check box if you would not like attendance to be calculated into students' scores.

Click Save schedule.