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Creating a Dyad Schedule

To create a dyad schedule, select Dyad Schedule from the Select schedule type drop-down menu.

Note: The first time a dyad schedule is created, there will not be a schedule template to select in the Select schedule template drop-down menu. After one dyad schedule has been created, you will be able to use this as a template for more dyad schedules.

First you must define your dyads in the Define Dyads section.

Note: A Pitsco representative should have provided you with a list of Modules grouped into pairs, or dyads. You will need this list to complete this step.

Click Add a dyad to this schedule to begin.

Name the dyad in the Dyad field and select the Modules in the dyad from the Module column drop-down menus.

Click the wand icon to save the dyad and click Add a dyad to this schedule to continue adding Module dyads.

After you have defined all dyads, you can begin scheduling the instruction. Note: We recommend you have your school calendar available.

Here are the recommended lengths of time for Pitsco Science Stage Activities (teacher-led instruction):

  • Stage 1 – 5 days with 45-minute class periods (225 minutes)
  • Stage 2 – 5 days with 45-minute class periods (225 minutes)
  • Stage 3 – 7 days with 45-minute class periods (315 minutes)
  • Stage 4 – 7 days with 45-minute class periods (315 minutes)
  • Stage 5 – 10 to 15 days with 45-minute class periods (450-675 minutes)

Click the pencil icon to specify details. The Instruction Stage section will appear.

Fields are auto-populated based on the stage selected, but you can edit the start date and end date as necessary. Click Save Instruction when complete.

Note: It is best to begin with the Stage 1 Activity and work your way down through the schedule. Make sure to add additional days for holidays, early release days, and so on as necessary in the schedule.

Make sure to select Orientation Module from the Select Orientation type drop-down menu if you wish to schedule the Orientation Module.

When scheduling dyad rotations, you will need to select the number of rotations. Refer to your scope and sequence document to find out if you need to select two or four rotations.

After you save the information for a dyad rotation, the details for the number of rotations selected will expand in the main view. To edit start or end dates of a rotation, click the pencil icon.

To edit the number of rotations, simply click the number to change it. Clicking 2 in this example will change the number of rotations to 4.

To save, click the wand icon.

Continue clicking the pencil icon and setting dates for each section of the schedule. If you wish to skip or delete a portion of the schedule, click the trash can. A warning message will appear.

Click View Schedule when you are ready to look at your schedule. Note: If the number of Modules does not equal the number of rotations, a warning message will appear.

Your class schedule will appear.

Manual adjustments can be made to the schedule. To remove a student from a schedule, hover your mouse pointer over the student's name to highlight it. Click the X to remove the student.

If you have an empty cell and want to move a student to that cell, click the cell and the student list will appear. A warning message will appear if the selection causes a conflict.

Click Regenerate to have Synergy regenerate a different schedule. Click Save Instruction to save.