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Scheduling Modules

From the Add Schedules menu, you can add a new schedule or edit an existing schedule.

To edit a schedule, click the pencil icon next to it. To add a new schedule, click Add a new schedule.

In the Add a new schedule area, complete all required fields, which are noted by a red asterisk. Because more than one schedule can be attached to a class, provide a specific schedule name. The start date should reflect the actual first day that students should be able to view content. Additional fields will appear as selections are made from the drop-down menus.

Select a license from the Select license drop-down menu. To schedule a Module on a rotational schedule, select Module Schedule or Math Module Schedule (if you are creating a schedule for a math class) from the Select a schedule type drop-down menu.

Note: Select Whole Class Assignment from the Select schedule type drop-down menu to schedule Orientation

After you select the schedule type, the fields below appear.

Number of copies refers to the number of copies of Module titles in the class. (You can schedule multiple copies of all Modules but not select Modules.)

Number of rotations should reflect the number of rotations the class will complete.

Rotation length should be set for the number of days the class should spend on each rotation. The computer will not calculate weekends in the rotational schedule, but it is unable to recognize holidays.

All Modules in your license will automatically be listed in the Modules in your class field. If you have Modules for multiple classes, you will need to make sure only the Modules you need to schedule are listed in the Modules in your class field. Click the trash can icon to the right of the incorrect title to remove it from your list or click remove all modules and then add them one by one form the Modules field. Titles can also be dragged between the Modules and Modules in your class fields.

If you want to schedule extended content, click Extend Content to see a list of Modules that have extended content. Select title you want to include from the Select Extend Content drop-down menu.

Click Generate.

A blank Review Your New Class Schedule area will appear.

To manually create your schedule, click in each cell and select a student to schedule into the Modules within each rotation.

To have Synergy generate a schedule, adjust your start and end rotations as desired and click Regenerate.

To schedule only one rotation, set Start Rotation to 1 and End Rotation to 1. A schedule will be created in which students are randomly assigned content and partners.

Select Packed or Dispersed. When Packed is selected, preference is to pair students together rather than spread them out across all Modules. When Dispersed in selected, Synergy spreads students across all Modules. If you have a full class (12 Modules and 24 students, for instance), either can be selected.

Note: The Auto Block feature should be used only when students will be in the same lab multiple years. When this feature is enabled, the system will not permit a student to be scheduled into a Module that they have already experienced.

Click Save if satisfied with the schedule. Click Reset to reconfigure names in the schedule.

To delete a student from a rotation, hover over the name. The name will be highlighted and an X will appear. Click X to delete the student.

To add a student to an empty cell, click in the cell, and the list of students within the class will appear. Select the student you wish to add.

Note: If there is a conflict, a message box will notify you that a student will be scheduled in a rotation more than once or the student is already scheduled into that Module in another rotation. You must confirm or decline the change before moving on.

The following additional modifications can be made when you are editing a schedule.

A Module can be removed from the schedule by clicking the Module title. Click Yes in the dialog box to delete the Module.

If removing a Module causes a problem with the number of seats available, a red message will appear.

A new Module can be added to the schedule by scrolling to the bottom of the Modules column and clicking Add a module. Select the Module you would like to add from the Select Module drop-down menu in the dialog box.

Scroll to the end of the rotation row and click the plus sign to add a rotation to the schedule.