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Creating an Assessment

On the Faculty dashboard, click Assessment. In the Assessment area, click New Assessment.

A New Assessment Wizard form will appear.

In the New Assessment Details area, complete the required fields, adjust the grading scale if necessary, and click Next Step when finished.

Note: If the Assessment Name already exists within Synergy ITC (even if that assessment is not part of your license), you will not be allowed to name the assessment by that name. Tagging your assessments will allow for easier filtering if you create several different types of assessments.

The next part of the New Assessment Wizard is Assessment Question. Here you can add questions to your assessment. Click Add Question to Your Assessment to begin adding questions.

Creating Custom Assessment Questions

Create your own question by clicking Create New question.

Type your question in the Enter Question field. Use the math symbol images if necessary and tag the question as desired.

Note: The question-tagging feature is ideal for associating questions with academic standards. Be sure to use a consistent method when tagging.

Select your answer type from the Answer drop-down menu and fill in the answer as directed.

The question you created will appear in the list of teacher-created questions. Double-click the plus symbol or the question to see question details. Click Submit to add the question to your assessment.

The assessment question will appear in the list. To remove the question from the assessment, click the trash can icon. To add more assessment questions, click Add Question to Your Assessment.

Adding Pitsco-Created Assessment Questions

To select questions from a database of available questions, use the tag field. To filter, search by tag name, lesson name, Diagnostic, Mastery 1, Mastery 2, MAEP, and assessment questions.

Note: Typing "MAEP" will provide a list of all math Common Core preparation assessment questions.

Double-click the plus symbol or the question to view it. Click Submit to add it to the assessment.

Move questions up or down by clicking the up or down arrows. When you have finished adding questions to the assessment and have questions in the order you desire, click Next Step.

Review your assessment and click Save Assessment.